My mother has always had a collection of images from the 1920’s – 1960’s in our hallway. At the age of 12 , curious about my world of photography I would ask her “Who are they?” and she would share their stories with me. 

She has always kept the images in vintage frames as a way to protect them. It wasn’t until 2017 – I realised the importance of restoring these images, and what it meant to truly preserve who they are.

To my mother; thank you for inspiring me and showing me the value of photography many years ago, you are heaven sent.
To my dear and valued guests; thank you for trusting in me and sharing your personal stories. Each photograph and project truly touches my heart.

For now, read on – I know these restored images will mean just as much to you, as they have to us.
– SERAY – Head Photographer & CEO @seraysphotography

The first year without her parents

“My beautiful mother is and always has been a very family oriented person. Her drive in life was always her parents, to make them happy and to make them proud. Mum’s 52nd birthday was going to be her first birthday without both of her parents. For her gift, I had an idea to restore a very sentimental image that mum had of her parents, so she would never have to spend another birthday without them. The amazing Seray and I teamed up together to restore the image, from an 8×10 print to a beautifully crafted 20×30 inch glass mount! Needless to say mum was absolutely speechless, and so very thankful. I honestly cannot thank Seray enough for helping me restore such a special image from our family’s history that will now live on forever! She honestly went above and beyond to make my idea become reality and was absolutely beautiful to work with” SIBEL

30 years of unconditional love

“How do I even begin to thank you for making such a wonderful timeless memory in recreating my parents photo from 40 years ago!
Just seeing my parents faces light up when they were presented with their gift was beautiful.I can’t recommend you enough to all our friends and family for all the amazing work you do! Thank you again for everything” ANETA

60 years of marriage, celebrated with you

“He is turning 60 soon. He has always adored our engagement photo in our living room and it is starting to fade away. Marriage is the lifeline of our family. We have both grown and changed deeply as people. Our love always remains the same. I surprised him on his 60th Birthday; he was in tears” MEHTAMP

Miriam surprised her darling mother with her wedding photograph restored – an emotional and moving moment at @seraysphotography

Father. we will always love and remember you

“Mum and dad had a beautiful marriage but sadly in migrating from Egypt to Australia, had their wedding photo destroyed through travel and time. It is something that always bothered mum as the photo captured one of the most special moments in their married life together and like all women, she valued it as a special keepsake. My darling father knew this was something that bothered her but this was a job that was backlogged when dad was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2016. He suffered for a year and a half with the worst kind of pain but even on his death bed, was just thinking of others. He asked me to restore the wedding photo for mum as a gift from him when he left us. On the 14th August, dad passed away, but now, thanks to you Seray, he has given a gift to mum that will stay with her forever. What a treasure” MIRIAM

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